Installed on storage room door where litter box is kept.

Litter box in garage such a good idea.

built-in - mudroom, laundry room, or porch - for the cat - to hide the litter box

For laundry room...instead of the ugly tide bottle, use a drink dispenser for detergent. Pretty and you can see how low you're getting!!

doggie door, love love love this!

actually a pretty good litter box idea

doorless shower modern farmhouse cottage chic love this shower for a small bathroom

How fun is this? Replace the pantry or laundry room door with a door that has a lot more character. Interesting.

Laundry.Chute. I am in love.

A sink in the laundry room with jets so you can wash delicates without destroying them! okay thats amazing.

How cool is this idea?  A closet door is turned into a bookcase! This would be a perfect idea for small spaces.

Retractable Screen for the garage. Perfect if you find yourself working, entertaining or just hanging out in your garage.

Clean. Single. Looking For a Mate. Fun Laundry Room Art helping socks find love. Makes great Christmas gifts! By Studio 120 Underground, $6

very cool for a boys room

Laundry room

dog "room" instead of a crate

15 Laundry Tips For When You'd Rather Be Doing Something Else (PHOTOS)

Barn Door. Space-saving upstairs laundry cupboard avoids having to bring any clothes downstair and minimise clutter. Just close the door and it's all hidden.

This litter box enclosure is a total game changer. Inside it has a partition with another entrance to the actual litter box, so that less litter gets out, and snooping dogs (like mine) can't reach any "treats". A little pricey but definitely worth it, especially if you have a small space. $145