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  • Dena Faber

    Shrimp Boil

  • Stacey Griffith

    Low Country Boil: one of my fav seafood dishes

  • Darlene Foster

    The Galley Gourmet: Low Country Boil~I grew up eating a variety of seafood boils. Shrimp in the Carolinas and crawfish in Louisiana. There isn't one that is alike in every way, but they are all mighty tasty.

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Shrimp Boil for 4th of easy and a family favorite and new tradition!

LOVE to do this....Crab Boil Seasoning (I use Old Bay) 12 baby red potatoes 6 ears of corn, shucked and silk removed One 12 oz can or bottle of domestic beer 1 medium-size white onion, quartered 2 packages smoked sausage, cut into 1-inch pieces 1 lb medium to large raw shrimp, in the shell (we add red potatoes and sometimes crab legs too)

1 gallon water 2 tablespoons crab boil or Old Bay seasoning 2 tablespoons salt 2 small cloves garlic, minced 12 small new potatoes, scrubbed 1 1⁄2 pounds andouille or smoked sausage, halved lengthwise and sliced crosswise into 1⁄2-inch-thick pieces 6 ears corn, cleaned and each cut crosswise into 3 pieces 3 pounds medium shrimp

Crockpot Low Country Boil - Fun Summer Meal Beats bring out the large pot every time I will have to try the cockpit method

Paula Deen --- Low Country Boil. It is the BEST way to eat with out worry of dripping butter or getting a little shrimp juice on you. And with a gathering of friends - it's just a lot of fun !!

gosh, i hate being landlocked. why can't indiana be an ocean? i'd be cool with that...

Today’s delightful dessert comes from the Cajun queen herself, Paula Deen! And, guess what, beauties? It’s no-bake! That’s right! For those of us without A/C out there, this is the way to go. Made with graham crackers, coconut and pecans this treat is sure to please! Plus, it has a PERFECT 5-star rating! www.beautyfrostin...