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Have a big family - big doesn't have to relate to the number of people in your family, or how many children you have. I want to have big dreams for my family.

no matter how weird my first name sounds with it!

Glitter & confetti instead of rice. this will happen at my wedding

#98. Go to prom(more for me than my husband :)

maybe they have some kind of homeshcooling prom LOL" I can't wait for my prom! Hehe senior prom that is.<-- lol im homeschooled and there is a prom

mand?! yess :D

Um- what? Why would you do that? Sure it's in tangled but do that in real life and you're going to end up in jail. So go ahead- hit someone in the head with a frying Pan.

things to do before you die | Things-to-do-before-you-die-43

Learn to not care what others think of me - goal of 2015


bucket list: One day have my husband kiss my pregnant belly


Woman Gives Birth at NASCAR Track & Baby Scores Free Race Tickets for Life

Have A Daughter ♥ -- Maybe someday! My baby girl my princess


Spend an entire day cuddling; my idea of a GREAT time!

Most likely not going to happen since I have never had a good eye for clothing design, but nonetheless, a girl can dream.

Before I die, I want to. Design my own wedding dress.

Heart warming

random acts of kindness ~ pay for a stranger's groceries