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This makes me irrationally happy...

A collection of social dance comics. Another Reason to Learn the Reverse Dances? Math Line Dance, Anyone? Off-Site Social Dance Comics Only in the Bay Area Dancing Through Life Revolution Wh…

I love nerd jokes.

I don't care how simple this joke may be. I'm just happy I understand a joke that has to do with math. <--- this made me laugh as much as the joke itself.

Mindblown! Where was this when I was in calculus

21 Jokes For Super Smart People

Dancing Math the arms show what the graphs of the equations look like. Would this be allowed on my math cheat sheet?

Cool trick for 9's tables in multiplication

Because You Have a Terrible Math Teacher

Multiplication This is awesome! My mom taught me this growing up and I am now teaching my daughter it. My own math teacher at the time didn't even realize it until I showed her one day what Mom had shown me. :-) Make math easier for your kiddos!

Can You Skip Class Today? For Blake

Funny pictures about Can You Skip Class Today? Oh, and cool pics about Can You Skip Class Today? Also, Can You Skip Class Today?

Paranormal distribution

Normal vs Paranormal by Australian epidemiologist Matthew Freeman of the Public Health Information Development Unit at the University of Adelaide. I guess this is a new take on the Bell Curve for Halloween.