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    In a sort of New Year's prayer inventory, I decided to reevaluate why I continue to pray in color. When I started praying in color it was unconscious. In the middle of a doodling session I just rea...

    Example of "praying in color" prayer from the Praying in Color blog.

    Pray in Color: Draw and pray the many names of God or Jesus.

    Praying in color. Make a prayer calendar and pray for something new each day

    Example of "praying in color" prayer from the Praying in Color blog.

    GEMS Girls' Clubs - Praying in Color

    Praying in Color: Lenten Calendar for Prayer. Each day I pray for a person or pray a short passage or word from Scripture. As the prayers accumulate day-by-day I can look back and continue to pray for the people from the days before.

    Prayground - online interactive & creative prayers for kids including; sand, stones, journal, bubbles, book & Christmas tree.

    Many Unitarian Universalists have difficulty wrapping their heads around the idea of prayer. As UUs, we can pray FOR someone without praying TO someone. Praying can mean focusing one’s energy on one thought, one action, one person – holding that person in your heart, sending good thoughts out into the universe, blessing them with your love. "Praying in Color" is an active and meditative prayer practice that is both a process and a product.

    31 Biblical Virtues to pray for your kids (based on 31 Ways To Pray For Your Kids by Bob Hostetler)