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Hahaha, poor kitty; something tells me he didn't have any say in the choice of his Halloween costume!

White cat... one blue eye and one green eye. Our cat Puck looks just like this. Usually, white cats with different colored eyes are deaf. Puck is not. <3k<3

Next year, pigs will fly. My black cat Piglet will wear this costume. While our Halloween costumes may not be the greatest this year, we have no doubt that our pets will look great. Happy Halloween Weekend! #PinoftheWeek 10/26

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Meowsers! A Dozen Halloween Costumes for Your Favorite Feline

It's Bat Cat.

Looks like an orange and white kitten poking out of a black kitten costume

le LOL cat du jour : I believe I can fly! (casse-dédi à @JulienArcin et @NicolasRicher)

Cute Fluffy Kittens | Cute fluffy orange kitten posing for a photo shot!❤♥❤❤♥❤❤♥❤ ❤♥❤ I LOVE ALL KITTIES !!! ❤♥❤