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I'll vote for the person who wants to get schools out of the testing business. Think of how much money is wasted!

Good luck to all our students and staff!

Countdown to FCAT! Kids loved it!

Made these for FCAT motivation.

As teachers, we have worked hard all year long, teaching content to students, now it's time to make sure they know how to accurately prove, that they know this content. I am hoping that this page will help students to focus on some of the valuable test taking strategies, necessary for success. Take a look and share your thoughts with me!

Teaching the most unappreciated job in the world as far as money goes!!!

Teachers are so important! I would love to feel like I contribute as much to the world in my lifetime as teachers do everyday.

Everybody is a Genius: Study maybe? Hahahahaha this is definitely going on the screen on the first day!

Cute motivational idea for big/lil

Standardized test motivator. Love the Acronym. Good test taking strategy reminders. Need to modify M a bit.

Enjoy Teaching English: Teacher Phobias--cute!