How to Sharpen Your Rotary Cutter Blade (fold a piece of aluminum foil a few times and just slice away with your blunt dull rotary cutter…pausing a few times to test it out on your fabric scraps)

A quilt from this? Yes! See tutorial. Save those scraps!

How to prolong the life of your rotary cutting mat by moisturizing it!

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! Transfer any image to anything (fabric and wood) using this process. Can you imagine the possibilities? I MUST REMEMBER THIS!

Here is a simple tried and true method for sharpening pinking shears at home in just a couple minutes using . . .

How to Make Your Rotary Cutter Last Longer

How to Clean a Self-Healing Rotary Cutting Mat - wow!

GENIUS!!! fabric covered cereal boxes for picture mats... who knew?

DIY bowl covers - wash, recycle, reuse! Save on plastic wrap/foil. GENIUS :)

Fold & Go Wristlet sewing pattern

Here are a few of my favorite tips when it comes to using rotary cutters.

How to cut Fabric Perfectly STRAIGHT...and square it up! | via Make It and Love It

Craft Tips • Sharpen scissors by cutting super fine sand paper. • Little bit of Vaseline on the end of your glue gun will stop glue strings. • Soak paint brushes in fabric softener or hair conditioner for 10 min, they will clean right up. • Recycle large plastic lids by using them for a painter’s pallette or cutting them up for stencils. • Sharpen punches by punching foil. Lubricate by punching wax paper. • Use a cookie sheet w/ foil for a portable craft surface…plus, super easy cleanup.

50 All-Time Favorite New Uses for Old Things -really awesome ideas!

2- 45mm carpet blades for $2 instead of rotary cutter blades at a much higher cost. A quilter tipped me off to this and they work just the same!

Ladies, I hope none of us ever have to know this survival technique, but just in case here is a tutorial on how to escape zip ties. It is actually pretty easy.

Which Sewing Machine is Right for You? Recommendations and Tips for buying a Sewing Machine

Fabric KeyChains - The Idea Room

Save $$ by making your own fabric softener sponge bars. Smells great and cuts static for pennies!

Twill ribbon as a simple color/texture around brown paper wrapped 'item' $8 for five yards or a bulk 72 yards (not sure about price on that)

good tutorials.