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Truth.  ! I have already shaved off 24 pounds. Do you want to loose ur weight fast. http://1XR4W.weight2122.com/

Life without dogs.no way. I can't imagine life without my pup. Brody would be sad without him

There is something to be said for listening to your dog's qualms about the people who come to your home.

LOL # I love it. I want to go Home depot and get the materials and make the sign.My Hunter ,Our labrador is an excellent judge of people sizing them up.So this

Don't you just love it when it's short and black and EVERYWHERE! NO, I hope you don't

White dog hair on black or navy blue fabric, to be more specific. White dog hair on black or navy blue fabric, to be more specific. White dog hair on black or navy blue fabric, to be more specific.


Look at this 'With My Dog' Wall Sign by Primitives by Kathy

If we had a big house - I would put this in the mud room! Cool idea for animal spaces in the home

When Tim and I have foster dogs, we will put this in our basement :) DoGs,Dream House,For the Home,Future Home

at the end of the day, it's best to snuggle no matter what has happened...

'My Dog Taught Me' Box Sign.I especially love, run to greet loved ones when they return and snuggle at the end of the day no matter what! Adding those two to my must do every day list!

Here In This House... our pets are family

Here in This House poem.Please adopt a shelter pet. Then treat it as this poem says. But please never get a pet if you are not ready for the responsibility: nothing sadder than when they go from a home then BACK to a shelter.

Haha! My dogs don't care, but at least it's half right!

One thing my dogs and I have in common is that we never want me to go to work *true story*

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I needed this! Rest in peace baby Kai Why Dogs Never Actually Die. This Guy Nails It.


So glad to come home to our dog. She always is joyful in her greeting. Her tail is like a propeller! That's why we had 5 dogs .