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If a telemarketer calls, give the phone to your kids and tell them its Santa!!#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

bahahaha this just made my day! :)

Oh my gosh. I laughed sooooo hard, cause here in Australia 000 is a phone number!!!!!

Seatbelt rules

it's okay, everyone has these thoughts! This made me giggle!!! Have done it and it hurts worse than it seems like it should!!! :-)


Way too accurate! I sneeze like 20 times a day


remember that

Move along... nothing to see here....

Funny Pictures – 49 Pics

Haha, his face is priceless!

It really did.

Too funny!!

Funny because it's true

I Thought I Was The Only One Who Did This and it's who else DOES this when they get a mosquito bite

Laughed to hard at this

I spent 5 minutes staring at this...

The Ultimate "House Hunters" Drinking Game - BuzzFeed Mobile - doing this. This is my life. No wonder I drink so much!

Come at me bro