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"Shadow Bulb" By Melissa Borrell @ Touch of Modern

cool light bulbs

upcycle lightbulbs into candles

Makes Designs On Your Wall

light bulbs

Remodeling 101: How to Soundproof a Room

glass globes

More ideas for reusing light bulbs. Maybe I can hide them so that my husband doesn't find them?

26 Mini Indoor Garden Ideas to Green Your Home

I'm unable to keep up with my blog, save the occasional reblog, as I'm struggling to pay for university. I'm sorry for letting people down, but I need to keep myself mentally and physically stable. If you ever need advice, download VENT. It's a lovely...

The secret to better ideas

change and adaptation: priests give advice to the people in their church and they can change the views of other people and give them a bigger or broader view on faith. It can also connect them to their faith like how a light bulb provides light and makes people see better.