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Happy #SharkWeek!

Smaller fish keep their distance when a blacktip reef shark swims amongst them in shallow water. AWESOME x

Off of Morehead City, NC

In pictures: The world's best underwater photographs 'Sand Tiger' - A sand tiger shark in a school of fish in North Carolina Photograph: Jeremy Kozman/Barcroft Media

Hammerhead Sharks Trap Music Mix 2015 vol #3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmN9RvIxHIw&index=3&list=PLZ_qGEoAYMUR3zj5BaX2495bx7aluBZIX

The Great Hammerhead Shark Migration. This is the kind of awesome stuff that Shark Week is skipping over these days in favor of their shitty shows.

Sting ray migration by erica

Funny pictures about Golden Ray Migration. Oh, and cool pics about Golden Ray Migration. Also, Golden Ray Migration photos.


Ecclesiastes He has made everything beautiful in it's time. God's creations are amazing, beautiful and very intelligent. It is remarkable how the eagle catches its food and their vision is impeccable. God created this animal with his awesome power.

A quick comparison of sharks. All sharks are not created equal, but they are all awesome.

Lee Renee Jewellery* Types of Shark Diagram - These sharks are being slaughtered to make "Shark Fin Soup" mainly in Asian restaurants across the world. Their population has decreased by in the last 10 years. Do Not Order Shark Fin Soup.

Killing Champion

The perceived danger of sharks may be a little skewed. You're statistically more likely to die from a falling coconut, lightning, icicles, vending machines and rollercoasters than from a shark attack. How concerned should we be about shark attacks?


Librito del Retiro de Meditación Natural en Palma de Mallorca

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