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Getting Started with Zentangle

A few tools you need to get started with Zentangle. It's where mindful "doodling" meets meditation. And it's one of my current favorite things. #spon

Five Creative Practices that Invite in Mindfulness

best of art journal - december glows

i am growing flowers, in the darkest part of my heart, for if light ever enters, it would know where to start poetry by Noor Unnahar // art journal ideas, watercolor illustration human heart, notebook, journaling, words, quotes, poem, inspiration, tumblr white, poem, aesthetics hipsters craft diy, instagram photography artists, bookstagram //

Getting Started with Zentangle

Getting Started with Zentangle :: Zentangle combines mindfulness and creativity and becomes a meditation you can turn to almost anywhere.

6 Evening Activities (That Don't Involve Looking at a Screen)

Some old-school evening activities that don't involve screens that you can do with your family this summer.