This MLK Day Activity will be happening in my room this year...take one brown egg & one white and contrast and the only contrast is the color...then crack them and they will see that they are the same on the inside. This takes a hard subject and makes it concrete!

Harry Kindergarten MLK Video! Great for kinders!

Art Project (MLK)

Very cool parent reminder. They sign up online, you fill out online, they get a text. You never have to know their numbers, they never have to know yours! My daughter's teachers used this and we LOVED it!

How to save a powerpoint as a PDF with locked images and no white border! mrsstanfordsclass...

Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with this "I have a dream" printable.

story cubes

"Thank You, Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr" by First Grade Wow (free)

Mystery eggs. Inferring for Easter. Students put an item in their egg and write 3 clues to lead others to infer what's inside. Once all students have a chance to record their guesses we will crack them open before Easter break.

MLK Day Activity

Great idea for teaching geography and our place in this great big world!

Great ideas for the 1st year teacher.

"I did this last year and the kids loved it!! Countdown to last day of school. Pop one balloon each day. Inside is a special surprise for the day. Ex. No homework, read outside, work with no shoes on, chew gum in the morning, etc."

Reporting vs. Tattling

telling time activities

Such a great idea! Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas: What Time Is It? - A Telling Time Review Game

Great ideas for using plastic Easter eggs for education!

iPad Activity: Open House Scavenger Hunt

Teaching With a Mountain View: First Day of School Activities for Big Kids

A Box of Crayons poem and activity ideas for MLK week

You Tube Video for Kids about Dr. King's life.