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    Lost Girl Series 2, Fox Girl, Pen, marker, pencil, water color. By Michaela Whitney

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    Lost Girl Series 2, Racoon Twins, Pen, pencil, marker, water color. By Michaela Whitney

    Lost Girl Series 1, wood burnt, and oil paint. By Michaela Whitney

    Part of my Tails series, Alligator girl books in ceramic prints, Volume Hug By Michaela Whitney

    Reggie the Albino Alligator, Ceramic Sculpture, 6 foot Sculpture. By Michaela Whitney

    Odd Birds, Ceramic sculpture, leg-flamingo hybrids. By Michaela Whitney

    Baby gator, ceramic, wearing a 1920's childs sailor dress By Michaela Whitney

    Handwoven Pinwheel Pillow in Black White and Navy by Michaela Whitney

    Hand Woven Scarf, Hand painted, Hand Patterned, Close up By Michaela Whitney

    Hand Woven Scarf, Currently for sale by me, Michaela Whitney on Etsy

    29 oct 11. Tom McColley Winter Moon Series #3 (of an edition of 20) 1993

    joanne russo: contemporary baskets and sculpture

    Jan Hopkins | “New Growth” Lotus pod tops, yellow cedar bark, red cedar bark, ostrich shell beads & waxed linen