Had to find something to try this out with... what better choice than this?

Star Wars


Chop Sabers! How does your Jedi skill fare when using these with a grain of rice? ;) $12.99

Star Wars Rubber Ducks

A site that equates the English and Elvish alphabets -- write your name in Elvish! Coool.

Lightsaber hilts from Star Wars: The Old Republic

Here I present the Gray Jedi Code.. I love this.--- Reading this for the first time gave me chills



Henry Hargreaves took pictures of his Brooklyn neighborhood and added some quality star wars backdrops.

Level Up!!

Darth Marr. Star Wars: The Old Republic by ~Darrita

· Awesome Star Wars rings ·

You'll be well caffeinated, bounty hunter

Office lighting?

Intergalactic Love

Star Wars LEGO