rubber bands, and spray paint.

Use $3 glasses, rubber bands, and spray paint

Pre-punched paper at Michaels - wrap it around a glass cylinder and tape with double-sided tape for a lovely effect for a candle. maybe in white?

DIY vases! Love these!

D.I.Y. Frosted Wine Glasses: dollar store wine glasses, assorted rubber bands, & frosted glass spray paint

Cute idea for Mason jar vases!!! They come out with the color so you can see through the jar!

Simple and effective... And CHEAP!!! De-leafed trees, spray painted white, "plant' the trees in simple white planters, add white lights on white cord and VOILA!!! This would be beautiful on the front porch!!

Hot glue and spray paint for your very own personalized and perfect jar.

hang curtains from the ceiling... to avoid measuring, also makes ceilings look really high

Candle + Rubber Stamp = Unique!

Check out my newest counter-top addition! A little bit of tape & spray paint & you can get on it, too. Revamp that tired, plain cookie jar!

Wrap fabric around those cheap frames to make them cute and fun.. actually a neat idea. :)

fun flower pot idea

two black rubber door mats nailed on sides of table... and spray it all..... adorable

Twine flowers - super easy, and super cute! addictive

DIY Mercury Glass. You can make a Valentine's day gift from this or use as a vase in your home decor.

Navy Blue Upholstery Fabric Paint

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