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why is it that all the beautiful ones are homicidal maniacs? Well...? Sherlock. Moriarity. Andrew Scott. Batman. Epic

No one who isn't a mad Sherlockian is going to get this... that's why it's so awesome...

Pretty sure I'd get made fun of for this IN London, but I want! (They also have a Doctor Who one) Sarah Chintomby Chintomby Borland

"Serial Killers. Love those, there's always something to look forward to. " This quote explains my fascination with Dexter and Criminal Minds as well.

You machine (OMG this is incredible)<--- Oh gosh I was sitting here ready to cry and then I looked more closely and I was just... no.

This part made me laugh too hard than I was suppose to xD but it also made me cringe a little because Sherlock just doesn't get it sometimes. He can be so insensitive. But he doesn't realize that - it's part of who he is, and that's why we, and Jawn, love him.

Yup. Benedict Cumberbatch is a dork everyone. And he's proud of it. Just like I am.

Iphone 4 case SHERLOCK Holmes SHERlocked Union by FeerieDoll (sherlock,bbc,iphone,case,union jack,union flag,british flag,awesome)

Sherlock Holmes, James T. Kirk, Shaun Of The Dead, And Spock All Walk Into A Bar… There is no joke here — that’s just what happened.

The thing is...I saw this before I watched Sherlock and I didn't think it was funny. Now I've come across it again after I've seen all of Sherlock and I am dying right now, that's totally what happened.