sherlock's face at "pancakes." hilarious.

Love Sherlock.

Texts From 221b Baker Street

I'm now convinced this is exactly what they were thinking

Sherlock, oh Sherlock

Sherlock season 3 trailer.


Well, I couldn't hit Jawn!

More Misleading Moriarty. Will these ever get old? I don't think so. :) #Sherlock

Sherlock and Moriarty (Sherlock, "The Great Game")

Texts From 221b Baker Street--this is terrible and wonderful

I love how the expressions are so similar, yet Sherlock is pleased and John his exasperated. Or tentative. Or in disbelief. It's like he's already started on damage control #BBCSherlock #Sherlock #Watson #TheHoundsOfBaskerville

This fandom

Texts From 221b Baker Street: Face!

This was my favorite scene in all of Sherlock. Funny how this whole sequence makes us fans love Sherlock even more. People who aren't a part of our fandom, they think Sherlock has no heart, but he's just very selective about who he loves.


Sherlock in a nutshell

Now that's what we call character development.

Sherlock Socks | Mens- Don't care if they're Mens. I'm still buying them.

Two kinds of Sherlock.....