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  • Rohit Bhargava

    SAMSUNG (Worst): Here's a fact you may have missed ... the phone the Rowan Atkinson used during his comedic interlude in the Opening Ceremonies was actually a Samsung - not an iPhone. What a golden missed product placement opportunity - which could have been solved by getting him a phone in any other color than white.

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#savethesecret (Best): In response to details of the Opening Ceremonies being leaked, British director Danny Boyle softly helped launch a Twitter campaign with the hashtag #savethesecret to encourage people to keep mum about what will happen - so we can all enjoy it in real time. Request accepted.

2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony [photo from The Big Picture]

VISA (Worst): The tagline of "Join our Global Cheer" is the perfect illustration of how this campaign and video put s the VISA brand front and center in an artificial way, and the gold tones offer an "only gold matters" sort of mentality that just doesn't match the ideals of the Games.

2012 Olympic Games - Opening Ceremony ~ USA Olympic Team entering the stadium

Go behind the scenes and hear from Olympians and Paralympians as President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama host the 2012 United States Olympic and Paralympic teams at the White House.

ROMNEY IN LONDON (Worst): Hoping to cash in on his Olympic "street cred" running Salt Lake in 2002, Romney visited the UK, but irked Brits with his comments that preparations seemed "disconcerting" - prompting British Prime Minister David Cameron to offer the greatest comeback ever ... "of course its easier to host an Olympics in the middle of nowhere." Ouch.

Infographics on LONDON OLYMPICS 2012 | AnimHuT

NIKE (Best): Just about every winning runner at the Games was sporting a bright yellow neon pair of Nikes ... the ultimate ambush marketing for this clever Olympic non-sponsor that managed to come out on top through creativity, product placement and just plain smart marketing.

Olympics bucket-list! Will be crossed off this July! AH going to the Olympics. Tina Lor