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  • Lindsey Georges

    Chocolate Chunk Paleo Cookies recipe 2c ground almonds, 8 prunes, 1/4 t baking soda 1/8 t salt, 3-4 T milk, 1t vanilla, 2 scoops chocolate protein, choco and white chocolate chips. Blend everything in a food processor except chocolate chips add later. Bake 350˚ for 10-12 min or until browned. Store in fridge.

  • Katie Trozzo

    Chocolate Chunk Cookies by Runningtothekitchen. These are the first paleo chocolate chip cookies we made together! I need to make this recipe again, I think it has been the best.

  • Jade Garrison

    Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies (Gluten Free/ Paleo)

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Mushroom Gravy Slow Cooked Rump Roast -- 5 minutes of prep, stick it in the crock pot. Coconut milk is the key ingredient in the creamy gravy.

Wild Rice, Spinach and Avocado Salad with Sesame Dressing is vegan and packed with protein (white beans) -- great with leftover rice.

Easy roasted veggies turn into an equally easy soup -- just puree with some broth. Throw on some impressive-looking homemade croutons (really just sprouted grain bread tossed with olive oil and baked). Delicious.

This looks absolutely spectacular for a weekend dinner. Lemon and Onion Roasted Chicken -- you slide onion slices right under the skin and roast the whole thing with sage, lemon, olive oil, and tons of beautiful root veggies.

Jack-o'-Lantern Oranges -- easy way to get kids to eat fruit! Let them design their own face, fill the hollowed-out orange with fruit salad, and add snaggly slivered-almond teeth.

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Easy crock pot roast made special, with caramelized onions and a rich balsamic glaze. Balsamic and Onion Pot Roast

Scratchy allergy throat? Soothe it with switchel, aka Haymaker's Punch, an old-time remedy with ginger and apple cider vinegar. Sweetened with stevia for all phases (or raw honey after the diet), it's a natural remedy that tastes great!

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Ethereal-looking sweet potato waffles made with almond flour - wow. You can sub a little stevia for the maple syrup.

Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad with walnuts, avocado, blueberries, apples, and a homemade dressing -- you won't need the cheese in this recipe

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Crowd-pleaser: Gluten Free Dairy Free Slow Cooker Lasagna Soup. Use lean ground beef and pasta made from brown rice, quinoa or spelt for this healthy homestyle soup.

Riggins the Labrador Retriever

Dairy-Free Berry Mousse -- totally guilt-free and takes just 5 minutes to whip up in the blender! It's made with coconut milk and fresh berries, and sweetened with stevia.

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Naturally Sweet Pear Jam has just 3 ingredients -- pears, xylitol and lemon juice!

Gluten Free/Sugar Free Muffin in a Mug -- This is actually a one-dish personal chocolate cake that bakes in 15 minutes! Use a raw nut butter (instead of peanut butter) and this is a pretty healthy splurge for after the Fast Metabolism Diet.

No bake Paleo + Vegan Date Squares -- the ultimate sinless dessert for after the Fast Metabolism Diet! Just dried fruit and nuts in these yummy bars -- zero sugar.

Chocolate Avocado Pudding -- super-creamy and blends up in a snap in the food processor (and no, you can't taste the avocado)! Try this with raw nut butter and stevia (instead of the peanut butter and maple syrup)

Slow Cooker Homemade Pear Sauce -- Just three ingredients -- pears, water, and cinnamon.

This fruity Super Hydrating Smoothie harnesses the natural electrolytes found in pure coconut water -- nice!