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Great idea for grandparents and teachers! Love it! This is where I originally found it, but now I'm selling my own on my Etsy shop Pearlized! Wonderful idea!

classroom birthday ideas or to help you remember birthdays of extended family, friends, etc.

Prepping for the Primary Gridiron: DIY Teacher Supply Containers

This would be perfect in the middle of my writing center! Sandy Toes and Popsicles: Back to School: Homework Caddy Tutorial

Great teacher Christmas gift! Located in my Etsy shop DesignsByLissaLou" data-componentType="MODAL_PIN

Teacher Gift - Chalkboard Class Birthday Calendar- 30 Name Circles- Made to Order

Custom Teacher Gift - Chalkboard Class Birthday Calendar- 30 Name Circles- Made to Order- LIMITED TIME OFF Do something similar to this for family birthdays at home

Wow! This is fun! type in your quote, pick a template!

Looking to add custom posters to your classroom? Just pick a template, type in a quote, and you're done! Thinking this would work good for our new 4 school wide rules! Create a poster and print at CopyMax.

Great idea for grandparents! They can easily switch pictures, because we all know they grow so fast. Http://stephlb.uppercaseliving.net

Great Christmas gift idea for the grandparents. Split the words into two pieces and put Grandkids on one and make life grand on the other. Wire to connect them--for grandparents with lots of grandkids

Great Idea and easy to put near calendar area. Could use a paint stick and paint any color along with coordinating ribbon and small clothespins or use thicker ribbon and nametags that can be pinned.

Wooden Birthday Wall Sign - to remember them all [well the important ones anyways] Could be a good gift too for the grandparents or anyone. Just build it and give blank mini clothespins from a crafts store

shoe box lids, scrapbook paper, modge podge, letters, ribbon, and a curtain rod.....change out what it says with seasons arts-crafts

Family Wall Hanging

Would never guess that this is made out of the lids of a shoe box, they look so cute. shoe box lids + scrapbook paper + modge podge + letters + ribbon + a curtain rod = wall love. So many rooms. So many options.

Leuke manier voor een verjaardagskalender !

Today I have for you 21 creative diy birthday gifts for her. Read the full post and get inspiration for birthday gift for your love woman!

I love this! I've also seen it done with a stuffed animal so the child has something to talk to.

grade classroom management- this "tattle monster poem" will help your students to quietly tell him/her what is going on without making a big scene about it. In front of the tattle monster, a jar should be placed for the slips of paper written down.

Look Who's Been Spotted! - Back-To-School Wall Display

Look Who's Been Spotted! - Back-To-School Wall Display

Another cute Ladybug spring bulletin board and classroom door idea: Look Who's Been Spotted in Kindergarten