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so true.I usually pin a workout and then a dessert right after.

Seriously, although I understand some ppl have bad experiences from childhood that make them scared or leery, I'm just not sure about anybody that doesn't like dogs.  I mean REALLY?

you don't like dogs? Good luck with your life without a soul yep good luck

faster than the speed of light

Funny Confession Ecard: Nothing faster than the speed of light. Nothing moves faster than a girl untagging herself from a photo that makes her look fat. There really is an ecard for that!

we used to be wolves then you got couches | Leave a Reply Cancel reply

FAT Truth #5

Whoever said "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" has clearly never had cupcakes. Or chocolate. Or pizza. Nothing in this world beats the taste of chocolate, nothing.

it's not cellulite, it's my   body's way of saying  "i'm sexy"...in braille

it's not cellulite, it's my body's way of saying "i'm sexy".in braille, too funny!

ecards I love Karma

Yeah, hurry up, Karma! but then again a night in jail will be worth it for this one b*tch!

pretty sure, Edin and I are either the old, trust, or actually reality..after a fight looks pretty normal.... minus the fighting... we just sleep all over the place :)  so this thing is OFF! :)

Funny pictures about How couples sleep. Oh, and cool pics about How couples sleep. Also, How couples sleep.

Yuck, I have almost broken my neck trying to flush with my foot.

Public toilet = flush with foot. I always use my foot to flush ALWAyS in public bathrooms