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  • Christine Grier

    Jim Butcher, author of the Dresden Files series

  • Sandy S

    Jim Butcher at The Reading Cafe:

  • Daisy Brambletoes

    Jim Butcher... Jim freakin' "Longshot" Butcher. Creative, fun, witty, totally sci-fi and totally awesome. I mark his Dresden Files series as one of my favorite sets of "brain candy" books. They're fun, engaging, and they're like Pringles- once you pop, you just can't stop.

  • Rachel McFarlane

    Jim Butcher writes fantasy novels that are nice and easy reads.

  • Jaye Gallagher

    Jim Butcher~author of Dresden Files books

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Jim Butcher-one of my all time favorite authors! I love a man secure enough to have a sword AND a cute fluffy dog named Frost.

Cold Days (#14) Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. Cold Days is the 14th in the series of wildly successful fantasy novels from Butcher, and his writing style is better than it's ever been before. I highly recommend this series.

Summer Knight by Jim Butcher. Book 4 of the Dresden Files.

Jim Butcher Dresden Files Quote I loved this series. I truly hope Jim Butcher can expand on Dresden's world, even though Harry seems to be done.

Jim Butcher's Dresden Files Series

Thomas Raith -- from the Harry Dresden Series

The latest Dresden book. Harry has been "Nearly Dead" (shades of Princess Bride), and he's now the Winter Knight, whether he likes it or not. And that is just the beginning! The Gang's all back, and this book is fun!

The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. Awesome series.

When he was younger, he said in 16 Magazine that he never wore hats. As he grew older, he wore more and more hats -- and looked amazing in them. I wonder where he bought this skull hat. It suits him.