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{ fringe } ...holy fuck

absolutely in love with this kitchen (nice outfit too!) | At Home With Radio Amy | Free People Blog #freepeople

White knit and jeans

grey outfit street style


camel sweater

boho summer



During the summertime, a kind of fashion math comes into play: temperatures rise & the amount of fabric we wear diminishes in proportion. However, we're much quicker to shed some layers than others: Some of us may prefer to keep our calves covered, but will gladly put our forearms on display — or vice versa. So, we're honing in on those perfect summer-wardrobe items that highlight our best features. Click through for tips, tricks, and — most importantly — some sweet summer shopping

Lovely dress

cream dress

Shop the cutest striped halter dresses. Also, love the hair!


♡ high waisted jeans ♡

// long cardigan

brown jacket, grey cami, blue skinny jeans, wellies

boys + arrows swimwear

biker babe

crop top + high-waisted denim shorts