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Our goal with the infographic is to communicate the real world applications of and revenue created by Big Data in the enterprise in a visually exciting way. You’ll notice a handful of Big Data uses cases, including dynamic price optimization at Sears, real-time marketing campaign analysis by Lyris and analytics to support drug discovery at Bristol Myers Squibb
Infographic: Big Data, Present, and Future. Predictions and trends for big data to 2023.
Building a big data dream team? Today’s specialists must have technical chops and be savvy enough to convey results. Mix 1 part software engineer, 1 part big data architect, 1 part business analyst and 1 part computer systems analyst: http://techpageone.dell.com/technology/data-center/building-big-data-dream-team/#.UvFEHfnnZph
Kyvos Insights is unlocking the power of Big Data analytics with “OLAP on Hadoop” technology. http://www.kyvosinsights.com
As large web companies are selling us on the value of big data, they are also peddling their own cloud services to help you make sense of all the information you feel compelled to process. Think about it!