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Barn owl - Night-time predator.

Very Rare Red Owl. Look at his blue eyes!

Better picture of my needle felted Snowy Owl, Odin. He is 10 inches tall and a little over 10 inches long. my biggest needle felt project yet.

I have never seen a purple crested owl--how cool is this??

This form would be an interesting biomimicry study.

This has been going around on Facebook and I can't believe people actually think it's real. It's PHOTOSHOP dummies!

owl Dunya by By Yamkovskaia Marina | Bear Pile

Behold+The+Rainbow+Owl,+Rare+Species,+Urban+Legend+or+Groupthink?++ ... see more at PetsLady.com ... The FUN site for Animal Lovers

It is strange - did know that there were teal owls . . . . but beautiful

Only 225 of these beautiful Birds left

WOW - look at those eyes! I could make a beautiful quilt out of just these colors

This is a fabulous owl. Him: "lol u can nevr b as fab as meee" Me: "lol yea"

Little owl..I wanna tuck him under my arm and carry him around with me :)

Schneeeule Weibchen (female Snowy Owl) by Michael Döring ~ Haverkamp, Gelsenkirchen, NW, Germany

Bright Feather Owl... This bird is now extinct in the wild. The last one of its kind was roasted and eaten by Bigfoot. Now it only lives on the internet. Can sometimes be observed riding a unicorn.

baby owl, and also what i look like after several days of little sleep lol

As for owls being wise, they have not proven to be as smart as crows and ravens for example.

Snowy owl. Such gorgeous eyes.