Giant tub with waterfall showerhead

amazing shower!

A Compartmentalized Bathtub | 36 Things You Obviously Need In Your New Home Personally, I like to be close enough to touch even in the bath tub but this is a beautiful idea

light up tub. Who wouldn't want this?!

Beautiful mountain home hot tub that looks more natural

Look at that bathtub faucet!!


Dream bath tubs


Bathroom with an indoor/outdoor tub. WHAT. Amazing.

In ground bath tub...I want one!

Rain shower bathtub

Indoor fireplace and hot tub. Love this!!

素敵|Relaxation Life - I want one!

This week, we're moving to the master bathroom to select bathtubs. We want beautiful, interesting bathtubs that would go into our gorgeous Pinhome. Please try to focus on the bathtub itself, not the bathroom as a whole. And as difficult as it may be, PLEASE try to watch for duplicates, as they will have to be removed. Let Calgon take you away to look for bathtubs....have fun! <3<3<3 ᘡղbᘠ

i NEED this bathroom