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Pequeño tatuaje en la espalda que dice "There's no love without forgiveness" que significa "No hay amor sin perdón".

I'm the hero of this story. I don't need to be saved. // Je suis le héros de cette histoire. Je n'ai pas besoin d'être sauvé.

Mountain Shapes For Logos Bundle - Shapes - 1
from Creative Market

Mountain Shapes For Logos Bundle

Mountain Shapes For Logos Bundle - Shapes - 1

I love the placement of this... But not strength itself since its already on my wrist

50 Small Tattoo Placement Ideas.. my fav word and i love the font

Sign language for "I love you." This is kinda awesome

Since there is now a massive scar where I was planning to put my next tattoo, I need to come up with something new. And, I've come to be made up of scars and flaws over the last few years (physical and emotional), and it's hard to accept, but that is who I am.