• Lynnsey Coker

    Great way to teach kids the books of the Bible - buy cheap plastic cups, write books on them, and stack in order! --children's ministry for sure!!

  • Becky Stockman

    Great idea for a game for youth group or children's church! Two sets and see who gets it done first! :) Use two colors of cups and write the Bible books on each; a stacking game to put them in order. I love this!! @Terri Osborne McElwee Osborne McElwee Osborne McElwee Osborne McElwee Osborne McElwee Osborne McElwee Tackett for your sunday school class

  • K Keller

    Game Idea: This is for kids but might be fun for our ladies groups. Write the names of the Bible books on cup plastic cup rims. Stack together in order. Maybe fun to have teams and see who can stack them in order the fastest? Or quote a scripture and have them choose the book that it is from

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