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Has a great classic look to it.

DIY wedding hair: Gibson roll Tutorial Long Hair Styles Tutorials, Pictures, Videos, How to's and more. Hairstyles for Long Hair.

Really Pretty!!

Loose fishtail chignon, gorgeous, wish I could do grow my hair and do this!

tres trenzas

10 Peinados que sólo puedes lograr con tres trenzas o más

Hair, DIY classroom is like a three roses ~ ~ bring hair decorated with the taste of the French Palace of Versailles, the century Rococo

21 Peinados que puedes hacer en menos de cinco minutos

21 Peinados que puedes hacer en menos de cinco minutos

1. Add volumizer to your root. Blow dry upside down 2. Put up in bun 3. Once hair has cooled, take down and roll the center section in velcro 4. curl remainder of hair up and back 5. Continue curling and setting them in clips or with large bobby pins. 6. set for 15mins 7. Take everything down slowly 8. Curl the top pieces from velcro roller 9 Tease the crown a little 10. Mist with hairspray

17 Thin Hair Tips, Tricks and Hacks To Get More Volume

Más de 22 peinados faciles que te encantaran

Más de 22 peinados fáciles paso a paso, ¡no te lo pierdas!

12 quick and easy updo for prom night or any other occasion . If you wanna give a new look to your hair then try some these quick and easy updo hairstyles.