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Life without my lovely daughter Chevon 09/15/1989 - 04/11/2001. Life without my beautiful Desi girl 02/23/1981 - 04/11/2001.

if you don't know who harry potter is... i dont want to know who you are

...not even in her worst nightmares did Molly imagine that Fred and George would be separated.

I'm not crying...I'm not

Just keep talking about that little ball of light that went into your heart and she'll come around!

I didn't know! This has changed everything.

HP - The fake predictions Ron made for Harry in divination actually came true by the end of their fourth year.

Oh my God. French Voldemort - too much funny for so few words LMAO

They actually are their characters.

I dont know if you going to get your car down from there maybe buy a new one on

Look what Tom Felton tweeted early this morning! #tupert o-o