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Dr. Seuss

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smile because it happened

Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss tomorrow! Hopefully it's obvious how the colors were inspired from the books the quotes are taken from. Quote from Oh the Places You'll Go! picture source Quotes from Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? picture source Quote is from Happy Birthday to You! We love Dr. Seuss

One of my all time favorite quotes

Dr. Seuss was a runner at heart, I just know it! Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss!

I love this quote that my friend Kayleigh had on her phone =)

I will need to remember this!!!

I love this. And never do and say things to intentionally hurt another. If your words or actions cause hurt in another often it isn't a reflection on you and your actions, but on theirs.

Takes a bit of thinking. But it is very true..

Who knew these words could actually teach you so much