Penny Counter

penny shower floor

Penny backsplash!

Love this counter.

Penny Desktop

wood counter.. LOVE THIS!

Time consuming, but kind of awesome, especially for a coffee tableor maybe a bedside stad

diy copper kitchen counter

penny tiled bathroom floor? This is a tutorial of a countertop

DIY granite counter tops

Isn't that kind of a huge waste of money...?

20 Affordable DIY Ideas You Can Do With Pennies | Daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on Architecture, Art and Design

penny floor

wall of maps

A creative shower head using a watering can! Many other repurposed cabin decorating takes in this post too. Taken by The Cozy Old Farmhouse

concrete counter top

concrete counter top

DIY wood counter tops - or Do It Ken countertops!

paint your old counters! - @ Terrye Bowling

How to do thinset concrete over laminate counter tops.

More pennies!