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    Git it right!

    I am truly o.k. with that

    The story of my life.

    What about going on pinterest while watching a movie? #ecards #someecards #rottenecards #humor

    Creamy Garlic Pasta Recipe

    That's how I feel

    Hahahahaha #Yzma

    I may not ever be able to use this but I hope i could once. #everyonehascallerID

    A Dell Rolling in the Deep. #Adele #Dell

    you have to break it then eat the chocolate off of all the sides then eat the wafers 1 at a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmme people>>>>>>>...........

    April 1 is coming, a list of thirty harmless pranks

    angry cat grumpy cat

    Grumpy Cat.

    Tina Fey gets it.

    Who cares!! Money!! Ha! Truth.


    Hahahaha dats me

    my mother said it

    ...And then buffy staked Edward. THE END! hahahah I love it!

    Oh how I love walmart

    hahaha yup

    This is me all the time!

    Elevator trick-- who knew!?my son tried this fail