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La pronunciación de la "s" y de la "z". "Hunt it" vs. "Marry it", it! Now if I can find a visual that shows esposas 'wives' vs. 'esposas' handcuffs, I will have all I need to demonstrate the sexism in the language.

#1D Mr. Styles will see you now. This plot twist. | 14 Hilarious Jokes About "Fifty Shades Of Grey"

The truth of the moai heads on Easter Island

The true story of Rock, Paper, Scissors…<--- Am I the only one who will never be able to play this game again without being like "PAPAEEERRRR NNNNOOOOO, OH POOOR ROCK, I HATE U SCISSORS!!!!!!

El lado opuesto de la tierra de la isla de Pascua #spanish

La palabra de la semana en @ElChingonario: #fufurufo

La definición de la semana, por @elchingonario -->

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