will do

I love glass/crystal door knobs and purple is my favorite color. I would never use a purple door knob but that doesnt mean its not fabulous!

purple door

so the first thing that pops into my head when I saw this was "wow that is a very purple door". the second thing was "it would be easy to give someone directions to your house. you would just be like its the purple door house.


Home owner said, "This is one of the door knobs that leads into our master bedroom. We love to purchase our door knobs from Anthropologie. We've put a different knob on each door. We think it gives each room a special touch as you enter." Love this knob!

Cottage Style •~• vintage door & doorknob

glass door knobs by annabelle---- Must have lived in this era, love, love glass doorknobs!

Lets try this door...

Wooden Door with Wrought Iron Detail. I want this door on my house.

Tree door or window

Double french glass doors with wood tree designed into glass, woodworking details on windows or doors, or as an interior window from room to room.

Great way to make an entrance

Colorful Mexican hacienda: Once you've lived in the Southwest, you crave colors like this! Like many Mexicans: I love bright colors. I would be the bright teal home with pink n yellow shutters with a cactus plant

balbuzart:  Visiter etsy.com

Antique Verdigris Doorknob - Fine Art Photography Print - From the Heritage Ontario Architecture Series - in the antique doorknob