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  • Rita Sherwin

    library card catalog...fond childhood memories!

  • Jody Gernandt

    Want to blow a kids mind? Tell them that the research paper due next week has to be done using ONLY the library card catalogue and the Dewey Decimal System! NO COMPUTERS OR SEARCH ENGINE ALLOWED! Think they'd appreciate us "old farts" a little more then? In today's world, having to do a research paper the old school way is far worse than having "to walk to school, in the snow, up a hill both ways"!

  • Debra Brawner

    I <3 old school library card catalogues. #reading #library #books #classic

  • D Roberts

    library card catalogue Remember this well as I worked in the school library for a time...

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Before there were computers, books were checked out this way.

Remember the library "check out" card? If you've even been IN a library lately - it's all scanned. But - really - doesn't everyone do this via Kindle now?

"Vintage 70's birthday card" by bewitchedmagic on Flickr. How cute. I remember getting cards like this...

i have fond memories of watching the neighborhood librarians stamping the date due cards. I even got to help stamp :)

Remember when... checking out books. I used to like reading all the names below mine.

.loooooove these....just got rid of most of minee.....(kept The Mind)....they were entirely outdated :(

you know, it wasn't just the fun of flipping through cards, the joy of locating the book you REALLY WANTED, but there was also a fragrance to the card catalog.

Card Catalog- I knew the Dewey Decimal System.

Library Card. When I was a child, I lived for going to the library & checking out mountains of books.

Card catalog - the only way to find library books! And you could pull it out and take it to your table since it was sometimes a time-consuming process.