explore-blog: For Jules Verne’s birthday, gorgeous vintage illustrations for The Man Who Invented the Future

Jules Verne illo by Peter P. Plasencia, 1964

Adrienne Adams

by Peter P. Plasencia

Saul Steinberg

anton marrast

Tetsuo Aoki


Our Friend the Atom. Walt Disney Book - Heinz Haber 1956

becca stadtlander illustration

Early in the morning by Peter Donnelly, via Behance

N.C. Wyeth

Peter Donnelly

Cobalt ink blots on a silk tee. 3

Marjorie Miller's "Queen of the Night" (1931).

Illustration by Peter P. Plasencia for Jules Verne : The Man Who Invented the Future by Franz Born, 1964.

Philip Igumnov

Tent Illustration by Tsumori Chisato

moby dick, whale, illustration, herman melville, Tom Neely, Lisel Jane, Rachel Wong, Rockwell Kent, Ricardo Martinez

Touch by Valentina Yaskina, via Behance