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    Emotional reunion

    • Kathy Steenbuck

      Best Collection of Photos - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words | Weird Things, Weird Pictures, Photo Blog

    • Jessica Powers

      My soldier... This has to be the cutest thing I've ever seen. He comes back from a year of duty and hugs his pregnant wife and future baby. So passionate!!

    • Amee BellWanzo

      Something about this picture just made me tear up. I am so happy for the guy in the picture... and so glad I have my loved ones close by. My heart goes out to the troops and their families.

    • Ally Belme

      there's no greater love, than the love between a soldier and his one love/ military wife love quote/ army, navy, air force, marines

    • Caity C.

      These pictures get me everytime! Being there to surprise Adam when he got home was one of the best things I have ever experienced. SO COOL, but praise God I will never have to do it again :)!

    • Lauren Phelps

      I cant even put into words how touching this pictures is. God bless our troops <3

    • Amy L.

      Welcome home soldier...these photos never fail to hit my heart.

    • Amy Hall

      Awesome picture. God bless our military AND their families <3

    • Ruben Reyes

      People these days are too caught up in living their life and go about their days like theres nothing wrong and they forget the true meaning of being an American... Freedom isn't free, it comes with a price that true heroes are willing to pay, they leave their family and loves one back home because they believe in something greater than them self, they see the troubles in this world n they stand n fight for this country that so many people take for granted, their gone for months on end, n sometimes dont make it back but those that do know the true sacrifice and real meaning of what it is to be an American, its not fancy clothes, money or fast cars, its keeping the people safe n giving our children freedom, safety and a better future, without our military who knows what America would be like today, we cant let our enemies prey on us, we must fight and protect this fine country n remember the reason why many men and women fight, its not bcuz they want to leave their loved ones but they do it to protect them n defend them in a time of crisis, to give people back home the freedom to live and sleep in peace at night, be grateful for our military and see how much more thanks they truly deserve. GOD BLESS OUR MILITARY AND OUR COUNTRY, BRING OUR TROOPS HOME SAFELY.

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