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Simple twig hearts hanging off branches - cute decoration for Valentine's Day, or at an outdoor wedding reception or party.

My boyfriend and I always do this for pictures and the beach is one of our favorite places to go!

The Heart and High Heart Chakras are leading to a Consciousness based in Love and therefore to a life in Abundance, Joy and a feeling of Connection to all that is ❤ because we are all Connected, we are all One, when the Heart truly opens, Love is all that is...........PARTAGE OF BELOVED TREASURES AUSTRALIA..........

newborn photo ideas | was inspired to write something about birth photography when one ...

If you need to let me go, know that I understand...... but also know you will never really be gone. You're the etching on my heart that will last forever!

"03-dec-05-008" by Cosmos59 on Flickr - This photograph of this special tree with the natural heart shape in the trunk was taken on October 6, 2006, in the cemetery, Notre-Dame-des-Neiges, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

So cool!

So cool!

Leading around the world…

So cool!

I'm grateful for the place where my heart feels most joy...the home my husband and I are renovating.

You'll want it to rain when you have this super heart-shaped umbrella for your very own. Makes rain aromantic experience. The super heart-shaped umbrella has 16 lines, is 88 cm tall and the frame is made of fiberglass. Umbrella is windproof, so heavy wind is no problem. Great gift idea for Valentine's Day. Size: (open the concave point to the apex): 93cm Under the umbrella at its widest point: 95CM

What I got my boyfriend for valentines day, I filled it with pictures, songs…

I love this!!! The best things in life are unseen.... that's why we close our eyes when we kiss laugh dream...eyes to the soul... Now that we know this.... Maybe we can dream with our eyes open!!!! The best of both worlds....right!