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  • Loni beautiful florals

    John Ritter 1948-2003 Such a funny man

  • Cindy Struble Shipley

    John Ritter aka: Jack Tripper. I'll always love you for being so funny- you'll forever be missed... I always loved that we share/d the same Sept. 17th birthday, too.

  • Glenda Hartman Plamann

    "Three's Company" John Ritter, American actor (b. 1948), died on September 11, 2003 from an aortic dissection caused by a previously undiagnosed congenital heart defect.

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John Ritter He was so good on eight simple rules. I still miss him.

John Ritter RIP I just loved him as a actor! He was so Talented! His physical comedy was stellar!

john ritter (9/17/48 - 9/11/2003) American actor, voice over artist and comedian perhaps best known for having played Jack Tripper and Paul Hennessy in the ABC sitcoms Three's Company and 8 Simple Rules,

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John Ritter was born in 1948 in California. He was best known for his role as Jack Tripper in "Three's Company" co-starring Suzanne Somers, and Joyce DeWitt and later on, Priscilla Barnes. He entertained across a broad spectrum including film, TV, and Broadway... Read more>>

John Payne, May 23,1912 - Dec.6,1989. ("Miracle On 34th Street" 1947). Congestive Heart Failure

Jonathan Southworth "John" Ritter (September 17, 1948 – September 11, 2003)John Ritter

John Cusack He'll kinda always be Lloyd Dobler to me... Thus ruining realistic expectations of romance. :P

If youre really being honest with yourself when youre acting, part of it is touching the real you. You can only separate yourself so much from the character. Those vulnerable moments do touch me. - John C. Reilly