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    • Linda Maxwell

      ♥Loving faeries live mostly in the Bright Woods, but they go to the Dark Forest daily to visit the gentle creatures who live there. They bring Light and hope.♥

    • Natasha Kuricheva

      Fantasy Fairies | The Magic of Fairies

    • Janet Atchison

      fairy pictures images - Bing Images

    • Heather Adams

      ≍ Nature's Fairy Nymphs ≍ magical elves, sprites, pixies and winged woodland faeries -and BUNNIES!

    • Emy Pryor

      Peridot can have bunnies as her animal

    • caroline liddell

      The Nursery Magic Fairy Turns the Velveteen Rabbit into a Real Live Bunny (though readers know he has been 'Real' all along..)This sweet story still makes my heart thrill.Every child should have it read to them.What it tells us about love & how it alters our response to superficial appearances is profound;we are told to look beyond physical flaws-into the soul of a being.

    Forests, Magic, The Velveteen Rabbit, Fantasy Fairies, Faeries, Bunnies, Fairies Pictures, Animal, Pixie

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    Margaret W. Tarrant, "Gates of Fairyland" by sofi01, via Flickr

    This is an exercise for writers block that I love doing: Take this picture and write a metaphor, a poem, sentence, paragraph or story about it.

    Ents... as told by JR Tolkien they are giant, tree-like sheperds of the forests...the old forests of which there are few left today. What a pity that the inquisitive nature of our minds brought us to destroy so much of what is good in this world. Ents would have been nice to know... Carol

    I do believe in Fairies! I do! I do! I do believe in this Fairy tree house! (I wish it was real!)

    Gardenia Gaye the Green Fairy was very worried about her sister Dew Drop. Dew Drop hadn't written a fairy note or sent a fairy message by bird or beast for ages and ages. The more Gardenia Gaye thought about it, the more concerned about her sister she became.

    “Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” ~Marcus Aurelius

    Dance of the Maple Fairies by Sue Cullumber I luv autumn it always feels so magical for me!

    Whispers on the Wind... @George Harrington, Thank you for the invitation to this board!