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i would love a chihuahua. really. seriously. please, please, Please!

This looks like my neighbor's dog, Miss Holly Marie, though I haven't seen her wearing a banana peel yet. Haha!

Cute Chihuahua...(reminds me of Chloe in THE BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA movie)

Chihuahuas are put to death in shelters due to overbreeding. Second to pit bulls.

  • Rochelle Ochoa

    Oh sad both of mind were given to me so I guess I did rescue both

  • Chrissy Snoeberger

    Good for you Rochelle!! It's my personal opinion that chihuahua's and pitties are two of the most misunderstood breed of dog. They also seem to be two of the most disposable breeds.

  • Rochelle Ochoa

    That breaks my heart after owning both of mine I will never own any other kind of dog

  • Chrissy Snoeberger

    If you ever have extra time we always need people to share,pin,crosspost etc dogs in shelters needing homes or foster. You can focus on chihuahuas if you like. Its really opened my eyes to all the babies needing love. The only drawback is there is a lot you won't want to look at or wrap your mind around. Cruelty is everywhere. But every dog i get to see walk out of a shelter makes it all worth it!!

  • Suzanne Matthews-Schiffman

    Hi Chrissy - yes I hear CA is the worst for euthanizing Pits and Chis. It all is because Paris Hilton and other celebs made dogs into accessories instead of sentient beings. So many ended up in shelters but thank goodness for saving trains that bring up dogs from shelters in CA to Oregon and Washington. I got my beautiful Hudson, a Shnauzer, that way. he was on the kill list and they saved him. Keep up your livesaving posts.

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Chihuahua...this is the dog i will probably get when i have an apartment in college because most say that your dog has to be under 30 pounds or something like that and i cant imagine trying to survive through college with no dog ♥

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Miss Chihuahua screams, "Will someone please come over here to tend to my needs?"

Chihuahua-13 by perawus, via Flickr. Looks like a Margaret Keane.