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I should make patches like these and sew them onto a backpack or something.

Photoshoot: My Chemical Romance, Danger Days-era (as Killjoys). Ray Toro/Jet Star, Mikey Way/Kobra Kid, Gerard Way/Party Poison, Frank Iero/Fun Ghoul.

Cut Out + Keepfrom Cut Out + Keep

Party Poison Killjoy Mask

Party Poison Killjoy Mask (halloween costume)

Gerard Way's concept art for the Killjoy character Jet Star, side by side with the final design worn by Ray Toro | Make a wish when your childhood dies Tumblr | Explaining the world of the Killjoys in complete and total detail.

killjoys (fun ghoul, kobra kid, party poison, jet star) I want a different one of these tattooed on each arm and leg

Behind the scenes of the Na Na Na music video: Killjoys. Ray Toro/Jet Star, Gerard Way/Party Poison, Ricky Rebel/Show Pony, Frank Iero/Fun Ghoul, Mikey Way/Kobra Kid.

My Chemical Romance [[This is def my favorite goodbye thing]]

Na Na Na | Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys | My Chemical Romance | MCR Lyrics | Dr. Death Defying