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    • Lennie Freeman

      "Here you go, Jenn." Lennie's hands her a cup of hot tea. "I've been having to drink it too. My morning sickness is still raising its ugly head when I first get up."

    • Julia McWilliams

      Black and white coffee cup! There are many reasons why coffee in the morning has put value into the way I prepare my day

    • Iulia Dudas

      The smell of tea is prevalent throughout the book. Whenever they have beverages that's usually what it is: a hot cup of tea. ritual, tea, black& white

    • Lissy Tea

      morning cup of tea at my kitchen table...

    • Cormac Scanlan

      Morning Coffee #photography #blackandwhite

    • Jessica Peña

      Steaming morning coffee in black and white

    • Nicole Flower

      The perfect first cup of morning coziness.

    • Audrey McBride

      Early morning coffee and my thoughts


      Tea Time - Get it while it's hot!

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    I have a great-aunt who read tea leaves, and I grew up listening to my mother tell stories of her spot-on readings. It makes my mind race with a hundred questions… ~Charlotte (PixieWinksFairyWhispers)

    writing in a cafe

    Sweet hot tea in the morning..

    gazing out at a city skyline with a hot cup of tea.

    Mug of hot tea, a good book, and rain outside the window. Perfection.

    Rainy days in coffee shops NEVER GET ME DOWN!

    If I died tonight I think I would like to come back as your morning coffee. Just as strong and just as necessary.

    Start drinking tea. Try different kinds! Go on a tastebud adventure! (And also try coffee or lattes of some sort.)

    Coffee is heaven! #Coffee #MrCoffee

    This makes me think of Michelle Wallace

    At breakfast a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate is very common in France. Older generations will generally drink there preferred drink in a bowl, opposed to the younger generation that prefers it in a cup or mug.

    Blooming Tea Set for joseph: A Bouquet of Tea Blooms in Your Teapot A surprising and delightful gift for tea drinkers and gardeners alike! Tea balls "bloom" into beautiful flowers as they steep into a fragrant tea Set includes a 24-oz. glass teapot with stainless steel strainer, 8 different tea balls and 2 sachets of loose tea

    "Coffee Coats are stylish French press covers designed to keep your coffee (or Tea) warm and insulated. Each cozy is lined with a heat-retaining fabric and filled with a cotton insulator."

    coffee in bed.


    Fall is such an inspired and inspiring time to write. It flows more easily, and I love getting out and crawling into some hidden nook of a coffee shop to people watch and scribble in journals. Faces and body language are poetry and art. They are rocket fuel when summoning the muse. - Eve. #writing

    The feeling of a warm mug in my hands.

    Monday mornings... more coffee, please!

    coffee for two