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Manifesting at this stage is not about physical force. It is a deep understanding and full embodiment of the understanding that you are first a nonphysical being only residing in this physical world. Everything that your heart is beckoning you to create in your life is birthed from this nonphysical aspect of yourself. Your thoughts, passion, intent, belief, and creativity. Once the creation is complete in the realm of the nonphysical, it will manifest into your physical reality. Unseen to seen

Caminante no hay camino, se hace camino al andar, y al echar la vista atrás, se ha de ver la senda ...

Leading lines-great for around here with all of our fields! Could be a great location for a nature loving person for senior photos.

There are some aspects that works in this photo and other that do not. But something about it makes me look.

Wow! What a shot. #photography #perspective #trees | Via 500px, Flickr; photo credit SimonSun | pinned via Arbor Day Foundation

Want to get a picture like this with my sister and I. We used to walk the train tracks all the time as kids!

Awesome pose, but I'd want the phtographer to be quick. That doesn't look all to comfortable. lol

♥♥♥ iamfawn: *sigh*  I can’t wait for fall. justasmileaway: picture-perfect-world: beyondthemultiverse: fiddlefaddle: vincentblack: (via ashleenah, sunnynicole)

the sky above you and the streets below... Super cute picture!

LOL! Australia :) --things like this, this is why I love Pinterest