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bare legs and a flowy skirt are my fave thing to wear! I love how it moves and feels :D and I love laying in the grass in the sunshine :-)

couples photography / laying in the grass / legs and feet / engagement shoot


This is just beautiful....

cute idea for a pic - baby hands + great-grandparent hands

Girl laid in a bed of flowers, reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, could possibly create a tim burton style in the rain


Lush Sleeping Beauty Wedding


Exquisite - the feeling of stepping in pouffy dry grass after walking barefoot across a hot road. | Untitled | facebook Book Preview

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Sometimes You Just Need to Print Your Photos the Old-Fashioned Way

Farmington, Georgia 1996.

“Do you know what I need? To escape into the mountains, surrounded by tall trees, I will lay on the moss, and breathe in the scent of mushrooms, flowers and wet soil.” — L’ Échappée, Les Discrets WILD WOMAN SISTERHOOD™ #WildWomanSisterhood #nature #earthenspirit #rewild #earthenspirit #wildwomanmedicine #wildwomen #earth #wildsoul #wildwomanwritings

"At some point you’re going to think to yourself, 'I don’t want to work this hard to get what I want.' (In work. In love. In life.) It will be epiphanic and very grown-up of you. It will be part of becoming more conscious, and more aware that the hard work that we’re obsessed with as a culture is overrated. It will be really, really liberating." #thedesiremap

Senior picture idea for girl in nature. Nature senior picture idea for girl in beautiful, grassy field. Nature senior portrait idea for girl in meadow. Senior portrait idea for girl in meadow or field. Nature senior portrait pose for girl. #seniorpictureideasforgirls #seniorpictureideas #natureseniorpictures

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Sáng nay có mùi Signorina. Tối qua cũng là mùi Signorina. Một ngày cách đây hơn một năm cũng vô tình làm chảy ra vài giọt mùi Signorina. Vậy mà năm ấy có người tỏ ra khó chịu với mùi này nhưng không dám nói. Tối qua *thơm thơm* lên phần da mình dùng nước hoa. Sáng nay lại như từ khi sinh ra đã không có khứu giác. Có một bạn tên Linh xạo ke lắm nha bạn Linhhhh. *Đạp*

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