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Halloween is all about scary, spooky, gory and horrible happenings where all you see is sprinkling and splashing of blood ponds, where you will see a random sha

Explore the Greatest Unsolved Mysteries & Unexplained Phenomena of the World featuring Cryptozoology, Supernatural, Paranormal...

Creepy Old School Photos

Don't know what to think

Presence and Absence: The space surrounding a sculpture or the absence of an anticipated object can have great impact. Alfredo Jaar

senior pictures country trucks #ATBFashionRoundup with @ATB Financial and @Michelle McCurrach

1 out of every 50-100 million lobsters has split coloring. One side is typically a dark brown, while the other side is blue, orange, or red. These individuals usually exhibit traits of both males and females.

OTIS (Odd Things I've Seen): It's Only a Gravestone, Isn't It?: The Ouija Board Grave

Carl Tanzler - a morbid affair... - The Skull Illusion

When Do-Overs Don't Work: A Child's BIG Emotions

I have a defiant child! His challenging behaviors can be so frustrating as a parent attempting to help him. Last month, I discussed the “Do-Over” as a technique to teach your child appropriate behavior as an alternative to other forms of discipline. However, sometimes, such as during this scary blow-up rage at church, DO-OVERS JUST DON’T WORK! My …