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BAKING SODA MICRODERMABRASION 2 Tbsp Baking soda Distilled Water Start with a clean face (very important). Make a slightly soupy paste. Working in small circles, rub entirety of face very lightly. Do this for five minutes (that seem to go on forever, while you contemplate the slight stinging sensation you feel). Do, of course, avoid the eye area. Rinse very well. Revel in your clean, glowing skin! You can also mix in a few drops of Wild Orange essential oil to mixture for a toning effect!

34 Powerful Home Remedies For Hair Growth That Work Wonders

There are many remedies from nature that deliver great results. We have split this list into 3 categories of Kitchen remedies, essential oils and dietary needs for better clarity.

6 DIY Beauty Recipes

As a female college student, some beauty products can be too expensive for us. So why not mix your own? You may not be a math major, but these are six simple solutions that'll work for anyone! 1. Aspirin + Shampoo = Dandruff Destroyer Mix two crushed aspirin tablets with your shampoo. The OTC drug has salicylic acid to nix flakes.

Print this and put it in the wallet! Ava Anderson products avoid all of these:

The Best in Natural Facial Skin Care

Learn how to take care of your skin to prevent wrinkles, fine lines, liver spots, blemishes & more using only natural products like coconut oil, skin brushing & more.

Winterize your skin! Forward these tips to your friend and help them get their best skin possible, too! I've got information on products to help with all areas of the body.